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Early Entry into Kindergarten

Does your child show advanced skills?  Click here for interest in Early Entrance to Kindergarten.

Advanced Learner Pre-Kindergarten

WCPS provides access to one advanced Pre-K program.  The Advanced Learner Pre-K is a Pre-K program that combines both Pre-K and K standards of instruction.  Pacing is advanced, and creativity is emphasized. This program is currently located at Greenbrier Elementary School, and families must provide transportation to/from school in order to attend.  To be considered for the program, apply here.  Testing will begin in April. Upon review of your application, we will contact you to set up a date/time for testing. Your child must be four by Sept. 1, 2021 to qualify. Even after completing this form, you will still need to complete a Pre-K application.

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Expectations

Is your child ready to access the Pre-K and/or Kindergarten curriculum?  Linked are a few skills that assist with the preparedness of students when beginning school for the first time. 

Toilet Training

Although not a requirement, it is highly recommended that your child be potty-trained prior to attending school.  For both instructional and emotional reasons, it is truly beneficial to a child if that "activity of daily living" is taught prior to enrolling. If this process continues to challenge you and your child, please click  for some additional resources. 

Do You Have Concerns About Your Child's Development? 

If you have some concerns regarding your child's physical, developmental, cognitive, or behavioral growth, we are happy to work with you to create a successful plan of action for your child.  Below are resources and suggested milestones for children beginning at birth. 

Community Resources for Families of Early Learners

Pre-Kindergarten Handbook 2021/2022

2020 WCPS Early Learning, Washington County Public Schools

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